Geranium Lake Properties, Three-Card Doubt, the Phaal Placard

© lcmt 2015

I will be posting three variations of today’s GLP panel. Each one can be seen as an illustration of a placard from a kiGamnch set. If you print out each of these panels, get a pair of dice, a teetotum, a 1929 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and at least thirty American nickels for wagers, you are ready to play Three-Card Doubt. Optional accessories are fingerless gloves and/or a Ouija board.

Other forms of kiGamnch are expressed in ceremonies, music, dance, several forms of literature (including comic books), diets, fashion (especially shoes), pinball machines, metallurgy, ceramics, and architecture (most often for cathedrals and bowling alleys).


6 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, Three-Card Doubt, the Phaal Placard

  1. OK, I have a pair of dice, I can make a paper teetotum (I grew up calling it a dreidel), even a pair of fingerless gloves, but only 8 U.S. nickels, and my copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica is the 1957 one. Undoubtedly I will have to resort to other expressions of kiGamnch instead.


    • I try to do about 11 minutes of kiGamnch Pole Dancing every day for the exercise. A sturdy metal rail or bar is not required, just a bit of Polish family heritage, which I was born with.


    • Cowrie shells, especially Cypraea granulata, the rough cowrie, can be used instead of American nickels for Three-Card Doubt. The 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica is used for another kiGamnch game called Chop-n-Swap. But for that one you need to be something of an expert on the life and works of Hilaire Belloc.



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