Geranium Lake Properties, the nature of dragons and vice versa

© lcmt 2015

I am not claiming anything but a bizarre coincidence, but today’s comic is about the wisdom of poking Nature with a stick.

The aftermath of posting panels from Jack Loki’s Raindance:


8 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, the nature of dragons and vice versa

  1. Hmm… I guess one should always remember the old adage: Be careful what you wish for. Of course, the problem is that much water falling on ground so dry that you just get run-off. Ask Jack to dance for a very gentle three day rain.

    I was amazed to see (went and checked) how little precipitation could have this effect: we have been dried out as well, and got a dump of over an inch the other day. Puddles for a bit, then all gone.

    It is, of course, mostly flat where I live. The water doesn’t get a chance to build up speed, the puddles just get bigger. (Though people have drowned in their cars trapped in underpasses in similar storms.)

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    • A lot more rain fell north and south of where I live in Santa Barbara county, which is fairly typical for us. We seem to occupy some kind of weather nook where the storms are milder and drier. These rare tropical storms bring unusual stuff like thunder, lightning and high temperatures. It’s the muggy heat that bothers me the most. My mom would call it earthquake weather.



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