New Series: Samsara

In the last few weeks the panels for Geranium Lake Properties have been changing, evolving into a new sensibility, or maybe revisiting an old one. Whichever, I want to acknowledge this change with it’s own title, Samsara (a choice that has been clearly indicated to me by the GLP universe). Starting on Thursday, you will see a different header on the frame for Geranium Lake Properties.

I have tagged a few past GLP panels with the label “samsara”, panels that I now recognize were part of the evolution of this new/old direction. I don’t know yet if Samsara is a kind of mini-series within the GLP universe, similar to the asemic opera The Blues. Let’s just see where this takes us.


© lcmt 2015

Samsara Comics will be published here three times a week, just like GLP, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


6 thoughts on “New Series: Samsara

    • I don’t know how long this new series will last. I have a handful of panels done already and they fit, yet did not fit, into the Geranium Lake Properties narrative.

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