animated gif for “waist deep over decades”

© lcmt 2015

Yost often make several versions of a single cartoon. This is one variation of today’s panel, with a little extra jazz.


2 thoughts on “animated gif for “waist deep over decades”

    • Answering that is a little complicated. I have lived with Wm. Yost, as an imaginary character, for quite a while now. Without Mr. Yost, there would be no Geranium Lake Properties. GLP started as one-line poems I wrote years ago, with no pictures. At the time, I didn’t know if there would ever be pictures. The poem/captions were from a cartoon drawn by a man named Wm. Yost, who was a character in a novel I was attempting to write at that time. I never wrote more than a few excerpts, but I had fun doing it.

      Excerpts can be found here:

      And here:

      When I first imagined the cartoon back then it was a one panel cartoon, much like The Far Side by Gary Larson, with a touch of Edward Gorey. It would have some recurring characters, classic comic strip characters like Krazy Kat or Pogo. It’s main character would be a jackalope named Jack Loki.

      Here’s a page about Jack:



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