Geranium Lake Properties, blind comfrey leaf

© lcmt 2015

Asemic comics are published here three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, blind comfrey leaf

    • I am beginning to realize, or maybe I always knew this, that color is another element of the communication. A piece of grammar, or maybe a paragraph in the story. I am nervous of this title “blind comfrey leaf”, because I don’t really want to tell people that the red shape is a comfrey leaf. But I like the title, and it is the one I was given when I asked for it. Who did I ask? Myself, perhaps, or the universe.

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      • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking since you started introducing these small tinges of colour, they seem to add another dimension to your work be it a sentence, paragraph or a complete chapter. I wouldn’t have known that the title relates directly to the red portion here so I think maybe your nervousness is unfounded. Why question the choices of the universe?

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