Work-in-progress (My Favorite Martian Comic Book Pages) 3/3

© lcmt 2014


3 thoughts on “Work-in-progress (My Favorite Martian Comic Book Pages) 3/3

  1. Out of the three Martian comic book pages, this one is definitely my favourite. I love the way that ink splashes up onto the canvas in an organic kind of co-mingling of free movement and rigidity. It’s stunning and up there with your best in my humble opinion. Always looking out for more of your posts so you’ve spoiled me this time with these – thanks! Best wishes.


  2. I’m honoured that you have shared this information with me, I really could feel something living amongst all those ‘paint splashes’. None of these brief glimpses into your source materials diminishes the power of your finished works though, they’re alive with a crackling energy that I personally find completely exciting. Keep on finding your sources, weaving your spells and working your asemic magic – I am completely in love with your works of beautifully strange and complex art. Best wishes as always.



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