Another piece

© lcmt 2014

Another piece of the mystery project I am working on. I am nervous about sharing these bits, since I have made not even half the pages, and I don’t know where it’s going, and it will likely not be finished for another 6 months. I am also worried that some of the complex detail (this fragment is a good example) will be lost when printed.


5 thoughts on “Another piece

  1. I love the sound of your ‘Mystery Project’, very intriguing! It’s probably best to keep things organic and let the work dictate its own particular direction and reasons. This is another fine piece though, much more time required to pore over your fantastic details. All the best.

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    • I am letting this thing go where it will. I started with a few small details and an idea and then let it burgeon into masses of black, white, and line. When there were no computers in my world, and I did all my work with pen and ink, I used the same method. Although it seems more a journey than a method.


      • The journey from place to place is always much more interesting than the method of travel. I’m a commited passenger now and am looking forward to where your imagination takes you next. Best wishes.


    • Also, with any project in the early stages, it is prudent for me to say it may not get finished. I say this to placate and honor what gods may be listening. Even if I don’t believe in them, they can still meddle.


      • You can only go ar far as you can go. If you need to stop, then that’s your end. It’s still a pleasure and an honour to be sharing your work with you as the project progresses. Say your prayers to whomever you feel relevant at the time and keep these beautiful pieces coming! Best wishes.


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