Geranium Lake Properties, the clear memory

Abstract comics are published here three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

© lcmt 2014


5 thoughts on “Geranium Lake Properties, the clear memory

  1. Have you any plans to put these fantastic comics into print? You should consider it if you already haven’t, I have a strong urge to touch your work on paper, it’s so very tactile on the eyes. I just love your manipulations, they’re like tiny shards of hallucinogenic half memories made real. Keep these beautiful pieces coming, you have a huge fan here.


    • Yes, I have projects in the works that require whole page expression. I have always loved the combination of art and text in illustrated books, and in comic book forms. I am currently in print in “A Kick in the Eye”, an abstract graphic novel, which is a collaborative effort between twelve artists interested in asemic writing and visual poetry.


      • That’s quite a coincidence as I’ve got a copy of that very book in my humble library! My brother was also a contributor and a published asemic author in his own right. I think the book is an absolute joy which I’ve spent many hours poring over. I would love to experience some of your work in print, you should seriously consider a self published book. The world gets smaller each day and random connections appear everywhere.


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