Geranium Lake Properties, long ago in Tevausam-fr

© 2013 lcmt

New panels of GLP are published here every Thursday and Sunday. So far, so good. Yet every week I reconsider making an announcement that GLP will be going on hiatus. My mother died. I was called in for jury duty (for precisely the kind of case nobody wants to serve, but luckily something I said, or perhaps the hat I wore—it is a confounding hat—worried the prosecutor and he thanked me for my diligence but he excused me). That took three days. My car has finally convinced me it is too decrepit to drive safely, although I will at least drive it to the dealership to trade in on my newer car, if any dealership is so foolish to take it. But first I must find a newer car. I must finish editing the final proof of my poetry retrospective so that I can take advantage of Lulu’s 40 % discount which ends in two days. And there are other things I won’t bore you with, not because I worry about boring you—I would not be writing an illegible asemic cartoon if I was worried about boring people—but rather I am now boring myself, which I always do when I get all confessional. The point of all this blather (if you’re still with me) is to demonstrate that despite my recent woes, I still find myself making this obscure and obtuse little cartoon twice a week. Which surprises me. And the cartoon surprises me. I don’t know what it’s doing, I don’t know where it’s going, I don’t know what it will look like next week. I expect I will continue to make this obscure and obtuse little cartoon until that day I stop being surprised.


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